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Welcome to "Webbians," my first 10,000  1 of 1  NFT drop, launched on January 25, 2022. 
This project was a collaboration with Heard Well,  they approached me to create a unique concept and universe, leading to the development of Webbians. Inspired by the Y2K era, "Webbians" — short for "Web beings" — encapsulates the essence of digital entities, evoking nostalgia with clear see-through computers, iconic AOL sounds, and visions of a futuristic tomorrow.

Each of the 10,000 avatars, designed with over 236 unique hand-drawn traits, offers a window into a realm where digital art meets individual expression. The project’s design features a logo and website adorned with cute, moving emojis that hark back to the simplicity and charm of early internet culture.

Owning a Webbian provides more than just a piece of digital art; it includes access to exclusive benefits such as curated playlists, early Heard Well content, NFT airdrops, influencer livestreams on Discord, and unique giveaways. 

For more details on the Webbians, including rarities,, please visit  Atomic Hub.