KNUCKLEBALL    EditorKnuckleball

“Knuckleball” was my first deep dive into editing a film that explored more than just the surface story. This wasn't just any baseball film; but a narrative about a teenager's struggle to connect with his abusive father, who's driven by his obsessive desire for his son to become a Major League pitcher. Directed by Tucker O'Neill, the project was unique as Tucker trusted me to incorporate my experimental editing techniques. This trust allowed me to push the boundaries of conventional storytelling, enhancing the film's emotional impact.

I remember spending countless late nights editing in my apartment with Tucker, we were deeply committed to getting every detail right. This experience was more than just a job; it was a collaboration that challenged and expanded my creative boundaries. Each session, we dove into the raw emotions and tensions that define the father-son relationship, ensuring the narrative captured the essence of their complex dynamic. Tucker's belief in my editing vision not only shaped the final cut of "Knuckleball" but also profoundly influenced my approach to film editing, teaching me the power of storytelling through the lens.