JORDAN BEAU: RETRO NFTCreative DirectionJordan Beau 
for  Heard Well

In my latest project with Jordan Beau and Heard Well, I've ventured back to the vibrant 1980s, drawing inspiration from the iconic silhouette of the DMC DeLorean. This NFT collection blends Jordan’s passion for classic cars with my love for vintage flair, creating a series that offers both digital and tangible treasures. Each tier—from the vivid purple digital animations to the intricate orange blueprint videos—celebrates a fusion of past elegance and modern digital artistry.

At the pinnacle of the collection is our holographic NFT, a unique 1 of 1 piece that spins, capturing and reflecting light like a DeLorean cruising under city neon. This exclusive tier not only provides the collector with a rare digital artwork but also includes a personalized signed print and a private Zoom call with Jordan, making it a personal and singular interaction with fans.