HEARD WELL WAVY COLLECTIONCreative DirectionHeard Well

For the Heard Well Wavy Collection, a vibrant summer merch line, I was tasked with creative directing and designing merchandise that truly captures the essence of summer vibes. My role encompassed creating a fresh, new summer logo for Heard Well, inspired by the movement and flow of ocean waves, yet infused with a twist of digital heat—ideal for the season. This design was aimed to embody the essence of those unforgettable late-night hangouts with friends. 

Bringing this vibe to life meant capturing the right moments for our promotional shoots. During one memorable late-night photo shoot, we found ourselves chasing the sunset, only to lose the light faster than expected. Without missing a beat, I turned on my car headlights, transforming them into our impromptu lighting setup. This quick fix not only saved the day but also added a raw, candid quality to our shots, perfectly echoing those spontaneous summer nights out with friends. It was these unexpected, real moments that truly defined the spirit of the Wavy Collection.