HEARD WELL TOUR LINECreative DirectionHeard Well

When the Heard Well Tour Line dropped, our aim was to transform every home into an intimate concert venue, using the magic of Heard Well's playlists. We launched a diverse line that included everything from hoodies and sweatpants to t-shirts, and uniquely, masks—a nod to the prevailing times. It was my first venture into designing a facemask, which I approached with a mix of necessity and style. However, the real showstopper was the scannable t-shirt. This wasn't just any tee; it was a ticket to a musical journey. With a quick scan, fans were transported on tour, hopping from playlist to playlist, fully immersing in the breadth of Heard Well's collaborations.

For the launch, we organized a photo shoot right outside the Heard Well headquarters. Despite the global pause, we were fortunate to work with two models who, after quarantining, were as eager as we were to bring this project to life. This project was about using music to connect during a time of isolation, and delivering a festival vibe right to fans' doorsteps. Each piece we crafted was imbued with that energy, that hope, and of course, a lot of heart.