COLBY BROCK: GENESISCreative DirectionColby Brock
for Heard Well

I've always been drawn to new challenges, and my entrance into the NFT landscape through the 'Genesis' collection was a thrilling leap. Partnering with Colby Brock and Heard Well, we crafted an artwork where my love for sleek, metallic designs met Colby’s horror punk energy, producing a captivating chrome skull amid a storm of lightning. (I do love  making things with lighting ) 

The 'Genesis' collection featured three tiers: a standard NFT with a postcard and skull pin; an enhanced version that included the pin and a high-quality, reflective poster hand-signed by Colby; and an exclusive holographic one-of-one NFT complete with an autographed replica poster and a personal 15-minute call with Colby. This initiative marked not only my debut in the NFT world but also introduced the first-ever influencer collaborations on, creating a new template for digital artistry.